UB Founders Memorial Awards 2022
Now Accepting Nominations

The search is on for the next recipient of the Founders Memorial Awards 2022. The nomination is open for outstanding graduating students from all University of Batangas campuses who personify the values, standards and excellence of the founding fathers in Arts and Culture, Sports and Athletics, Campus Journalism, Leadership, Community Service and Student Assistant Services. The start of submission of Nomination and Evidences and Requirements is on March 21, 2022.

The FMA, or Founders' Memorial Awards, have big titles that represent the UB Founders' identity and respectable characters. These are Founder Atty. Jesus A. Arguelles Memorial Award for Arts and Culture, Founder Juan Y. Javier Memorial Award for Sports and Athletics, Founder Fr. Vicente R. Catapang Memorial Award for Campus Journalism, Founder Roman L. Perez Memorial Award for Leadership, Founder Francisco G. Perez Memorial Award for Community Service, and Founder Pablo C. Umali Memorial Award for Student Assistance Service. This year, a new group of the best among the best will take the reins of the Founders' Memorial Awards. University of Batangas will once again confer coveted awards for graduating college students with outstanding results in various learning fields.

For further details of the nomination, please visit fma.ub.edu.ph.

Awardees Through The Years

Important Dates

March 7 - 18, 2022

Start of information dissemination / Distribution of Form and FMA Kit

March 21, 2022

Start of Submission of Nomination and Evidences/Requirement

June 14, 2022

Deadline of Submission

June 15 - 29, 2022

Reviewing/Screening of Documents

June 30, 2022

Final Deliberation